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Resources & Links

1、Useful links

 Chemical knowledge charging station

Organic Chemistry Wiki (UC Davis; link)

Named Reactions (Org. Chem. Portal; linklink2link3)

Protecting Groups (Org. Chem. Portal; link)

Chemistry by Design – Syntheses (Jon Njardarson; link)

Organic Problems – Advanced (D. Evans, Harvard; link; link2)

Fukuyama Lab – Total Syntheses and Mechanism Problems (U. Tokyo; link)

Mechanism Practice Problems (R. Sarpong, UC Berlekey; link)

Total Synthesis Dojo Practice Problems (T. Kan, Shizuoka U.; link)

Organic Spectroscopy Problems – NMR & IR (UCLA WebSpectra; link)

Organic Spectroscopy Problems – MS, IR, NMR (B.Smith, U. Notre Dame; link)

Organic Spectroscopy Problems – MS, IR, NMR (U. Nice; link)

Organometallic HyperTextBook (R. Tokeri; link)

Organometallic Mechanisms (D. O’Hare & K. Harrison; link)

Heterocyclic Chemistry Class (P. Baran, Scripps; link)

 Laboratory safety guidelines

The Importance of Eye Protection (linklink2link3link4)

Real-life Examples of Chemistry Laboratory Incidents (U. Aukland; link)

Chemical Safety and Toxicology Databases (Health Canada; link)

2、Useful tables

 Table of 1H NMR and 13C NMR solvent & residual peaks data

 Table of common solvents polarity 

 Abbreviations table of common chemical reagents

 Boiling point table