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Provide Carbohydrate Derivatives And Other Organic Chemicals

Services of process development and optimization   

FTE services according to Customer’s Need

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About Us

  Samuel pharma was founded in Jinan, China in March 2016. The company has an outstanding R&D team engaged in the synthesis of carbohydrates such as various building blocks of mono- and oligo-saccharides, glyco-amino acids, enzyme substrates, detergents and nucleoside derivatives. Samuel’s mission is to provide products of carbohydrates in the highest quality for new drug development and other biological application. We can also provide technical service of process development and scaling up production from kilograms to tons of scales by client’s requirement.
  The company has established strict EHS and quality control systems. The quality of all the delivered products is assured by various analytical tests such as HPLC, GC, MS and NMR. We are trying the best to provide the highest quality of products and services and at the same time maintain very attractive prices to make sure that we are beneficial to your business development.

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